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Advantage Surgical & Wound Care

Introduction to Advantage Surgical & Wound Care

Stage II pressure injury (ulcer) & necrotic tissue

Per guidelines, stage II pressure injuries are NOT associated with necrotic tissue/slough. Here I discuss the rationale how, under some circumstances, stage II pressure ulcers can be associated with slough/necrotic tissue.

Can a healing pressure ulcer be documented as an appearance of a lower stage pressure injury?

Pressure ulcer staging, soft tissue anatomy, pressure ulcer downgrading discussed with reference to basic concepts.

Fundamental Concepts in Wound Healing

Phases of wound healing, healing by secondary intention, surgical wound healing. Tissue repair after trauma.

Edema in Surgical and Chronic Wounds -- Gurpreet Dillon, MD PHD

Introduction to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Basic concepts

A brief introduction, through everyday example, on some of the basic concepts of hyperbaric oxygenation, with straightforward calculation to demonstrate how it leads to hyperoxygenation of plasma.

Pressure Ulcer Staging

Using basic anatomy to explain pressure ulcer staging

Local factors affecting wound healing

This video discuss local factors which affect wound healing. Optimization of these factors facilitates wound healing.

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